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Line Walker (使徒行者), EP20

They finally admit they’re dating!

"Next time, don’t leave your valuables around, they should not be seen" - Yat Yuen

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Line Walker (使徒行者), EP19

You’re not going to get rid of him, are you?!


Line Walker (使徒行者), EP18

If you’re with me, you might not be happy.  The most important thing is I don’t want you to be involved and be in danger. Do you understand?

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line walker ep15 — 爆seed & 釘姐’s attempt to escape the gun battle between the mercenaries & SDU

I see a few comments online judging 釘姐 for being scared of “gun shots, dead bodies, and not know how to fight” and I just want to point out that she’s human after all. I know this is a drama, but in real life, believe it or not (omg), things like gun shots and dead bodies can be very traumatizing for people even in the police force. Yes, training and police academy/boot camp requires them to train and learn to operate a gun, but practicing vs. actually using it in real life (and shooting someone) are two different things. In 釘姐’s case, she was originally a UC just for getting intelligence information. She was chosen right out of the academy, so technically she never had any real experience as a “police”. In this scene, she didn’t know there would be mercenaries (professionally hired soliders/gunmen) and SDU. She’s stuck in between them and she even said “no one knows we’re police”. It’s natural in her situation to be scared. When she said “they’re all dead” and started freaking out, it could be because she was scared of seeing the dead bodies, but I personally interpreted it as “they’re all dead” so it means she’ll be dead soon too because it was a die-die situation, either shot by the mercenaries or SDU. 

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YG keeps talking about competition but I mean, you don’t see the other companies doing things like this and their groups survive fine. I have no idea how this show will end “well,” but if anything I’m worried for the new two. Because they’re young and there’s too much pressure/opposition from just about everyone. I just feel like YG likes tearing the humanity out of everyone. And as much as I respect Winner, I still don’t see how they did better than Team B during WIN.

he displays obvious favoritism towards some and neglects others. he probably laughs at all of the fangirls’ suffering. most yg stans intensely dislike/hate him lol. i just feel bad for ot6 + the 3 trainees, either way knetz are gonna hate on them so much (well, all yg artists get a ridiculous amount of hate anyways). actually i thought winner deserved to win/did better than team b at the end. youngbae’s coaching definitely helped them improve


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all/any hate should go to yg instead…

yes yes yes

honestly yg doesn’t know what he’s talking about. he says it doesn’t matter about the new trainees’ talent/skills but their teamwork with the team b members is what’s important. uh… ot6’s teamwork was already perfect back in WIN. a lot of aces even agreed that team b’s teamwork was better than team a’s back in the WIN era. adding new members is just gonna make it worse :(

Oscar pretending to be Charmaine, declaring love for Raymond

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Oscar reveals that he’ll be joining Charmaine to fight for Raymond. He said that if there is a ‘best couple’ category, he’ll win it with Raymond.

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